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Friday, September 9, 2016

Summer Colors | Bloomington Senior Portraiture

I know summer is coming to a close, but I wanted to make sure to get this gorgeous, color-filled post onto the blog to bid summer farewell. This was another stylized shoot featuring my incredible senior reps, and they were AMAZING! They each wore bold, modern pieces that suited a garden theme. You can find lots of similar pieces at Francesca’s, one of our favorite clothing boutiques with affordable and cute items. I loved the red dress with the scalloped edge, and 
those black floral wedges. 

Not only did they rock every pose and outfit, they also crafted that backdrop themselves! We utilized flower chains and wide, colored ribbons to create the dreamy, bright background. 

Want to make one of your own? Here’s what you’ll need:
-Wooden dowel (or an area to tie the ribbons/flowers). 
-Wide sheer ribbons in various lengths. Measure where you’ll be hanging them to make sure you have enough. 
-Hot glue to secure the knots.

Measure your ribbon and flowers and trim to the correct length. Try to vary each strip/chain so that the bottom is uneven and has more of a boho look. Tie each item to the dowel, and secure with hot glue. This would be a super cute craft for a birthday party backdrop or even a wedding or graduation party!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Saying "Goodbye"...sending Chandler off to Liberty University | Personal blog

As a mom, sometimes it feels like I blinked and my boys grew up. Being a mom was truly my favorite part of life.  I was very blessed to be able to stay at home with all 3 of my boys for 14 years. We have lots of memories together.  As we prepared to send Chandler to college, I was reminiscing about when Chandler was growing up. The smudged windows covered in fingerprints, the smell of suntan lotion in the summer, spilled Koolaid, his crooked little ‘popeye’ grin, trampoline jumping, jumping puddles, watching "Larry Boy" aka Veggie Tales, wrestling with his 2 brothers and a kitchen filled with the smell of cookies baking, our weekly trips to Barnes and Nobles for storytime and hot chocolate....I could write forever.

We are so thankful for who Chandler is and the person he has become.  I'm grateful to God for allowing us to be his parents.  He is strong, independent and faithful. He makes us laugh.  He is exactly who God wants him to be this very moment.  I can't wait to see the growth God has planned for him this year at Liberty.  I know Liberty already loves him and desires to grow him to be a Champion for Christ!

Our son, Chandler, is attending Liberty University this fall, where he fell in love with the mountain views and the beautiful campus. It is the largest Christian university in the world (with the #1 rated dining hall in the country) which may have been a factor for him. And, it is the perfect fit. It is also a very LONG  twelve hours away so that distance will be hard.  But, I am reminded often that we are to raise our children in order for them to be able to fly.  I'm trusting God with the son that he trusted me with.

By not having him here on a daily basis, our family dynamics will change considerably. The basement seems dark, his room is empty and I already miss him coming through the door and plopping on the floor to play with our dog or asking "What's for dinner?"  I will also miss him coming into my office and saying "So here's the plan"..which always followed with what he wanted to do that night with friends or his girlfriend, Kate.  Although I already miss his presence in our home, I know that Liberty is the perfect place for him, and it’s where he can truly follow his own passions and dreams.  So yes, while the tears have fallen while saying goodbye and driving home...maybe even a few since...I know that even better things lie ahead for him

If you’re a senior, or a parent of a senior, don’t forget to enjoy senior year. Talk a lot together, attend lots of activities, and soak up time with family and friends. If you’re a parent, be sure to pay attention to those many deadlines for registering, financial aid, roommates, class schedules, etc. We did early registration, and only had to pay $20 for books...it saved a ton!

Chandler getting ready to say "goodbye". 
 Prayer Chapel on campus.
View from the Student Center
 Chandler's dorms
BEAUTIFUL porch of rocking chairs that overlook the mountains!

"Goodbyes are not forever.  Goodbyes are not the end.  They simply mean I'll miss you until we meet again." -author unknown

Giving one last hug "goodbye".

  Dinner at Biaggi's the night before Chandler left.

Grandpa Vieth
 Papa and Nana
Uncle Matt, Aunt Amy, Max, Chloe and Jack

Uncle Dan, Aunt Mirela, Eric and Noah
Nice dorm rooms with a private bathroom/shower!

 I love that he chose a Christian college.  He will continue to grow in knowledge about the Bible and God.
 A dunkin donuts at the entry of his dorm.  Pretty sure some Saturday mornings will be spent here!
  Liberty has tons of outdoor eating areas and lounge areas for the students.  I love that they really focus on the students.
 Can't wait to see a football game in October!

 Awesome help from upperclassmen!  Such an easy move in.

 Our last glimpse of Chandler walking back to his dorm!!!
  The sunset driving out of Liberty Campus...I could barely see it through my tears but stopped to take a photo because I know it's a God Wink!  Chandler is on a new horizon and it is surely bright!

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